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My Projects

The Function Pointer Tutorials   Introduction to the basics of C and C++ Function Pointers, Callbacks and Functors.

Source to HTML converter   Freeware tool that converts C/C++, Java and Delphi source code into sytnax highlighted HTML. It highlights almost everything, is very fast and lets the user edit the highlighting styles via a graphical preview interface.

PNC2 Rule Induction System   A free machine learning windows tool that automatically induces rules from your data using a kind of cluster algorithm.

Product Testing

My unintended review of the Burley D'lite bike trailer   My Burley D'lite bike trailer has broken and no replacement part was available anymore. This is my product review to share my experience.

Callbacks in C++   A free callback library and a scientific but still practical callback paper illuminating almost all possible ways to make callbacks. Complete source code for each step presented in the paper.

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