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My unintended review of the Burley D'Lite bike trailer

This is an independant and non-affiliate review of the Burley D'lite bike trailer which I have used for several years. I bought it when my first son was born. I rarely used it as my first son didn't liked it. My second son, completely different, really loved the trailer and we made many trips together. Then, after less than three years of really using the trailer, the main frame has broken and the Burley customer support simply stated that no replacement part is available anymore. So this is my personal experience and review that tells you both, the good and the bad things. However, I skip the standard list of features as this would just be a copy from the technical data sheet.



My Chariot vs Burley comparison

I had chosen Burley to save some money with respect to the somewhat more expensive Thule Chariot Cougar. Now I know that for me the Chariot would have been worth the additional money: Chariot would have given me a 10 year warranty on the frame. So Chariot would have repaired my trailer for free, if it would have been a Chariot. Unfortunately it is a Burley. And Burley is not even providing the replacement part even though I would pay for it. So, for me the all time "Chariot vs Burley comparison" question has a clear winner.

My review of the Burley D'lite: View into the trailer.

My broken Burley Tiger D'Lite. Look for the broken tube on the right side in the trailer at the position where the seat meets the bottom. The seat cover has been removed for better view.

My review of the Burley D'lite: Detail of the broken tube.

Detail of the broken tube from the trailer's main frame. The tube's diameter is approx. 25 mm. The wall thickness approx. 1.8 mm. This looks surprisingly thin to me if I consider that the pipe's material is Aluminum! This tube of the main frame is directly connected to the tow bar and thus is charged with the weight of the trailer&kids as well as with drag force from the bike. It broke at two locations, always exactly at the position of the holes for the screws to connect to the axle and to one of the two tow bar receivers.

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